Manages your energy sources to intelligently support and to decrease your reliance on the gridDuring power outages, the system can power your house using stored energy from solar panelsYou can charge the battery during low-rate periods and use it during high-rate periods to save on electricity billsThe FPH system can support heavy home loads and supply power fast. With an all-in-one form factor, the unit is self-contained with battery cells, a battery management system, and an AC inverter
FranklinWH home energy management

Home Energy Management

A home energy management and storage system is a smart solution that connects with solar panels, batteries, the grid, generators and household appliances.  It balances energy sources to provide a stable power supply for your home.

FranklinWH Smartphone app

The FranklinWH Smartphone App

The FranklinWH app that allows you to monitor and control your home energy system anytime, anywhere.  You can select from various available energy-saving consumption plans.  It provides you with historical energy usage trends to help optimize power management.

FranklinWH home energy power

Home Energy Power

Home energy management and storage solution is designed by FranklinWH to provide you with a more stable and environmentally friendly home energy supply.