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Solarize is a solar power company focused on bringing clean, more affordable energy to residential homes and businesses throughout the state of Texas. We can provide the most energy-efficient design to fit your business or home’s needs. With offices in Dallas, Austin, and Houston, Solarize is uniquely positioned to service our customers anywhere in Texas.

Solarize was formed because the founders knew there was a superior way to provide extra value to our customers by using the highest quality products personalized to the custom needs of each house. As a fully licensed installer with over 20 years of combined experience in the solar industry, we know the ins and outs of going green.

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Our in-house design takes into account preconstruction engineering through construction; our innovative approach to project execution has placed us at the front line in the solar industry. The in-house engineering department uses the latest tools and design methods to deliver the most efficient energy strategy possible, providing pre-construction budgeting along the way.

At Solarize, we have to provide our customers with unmatched home energy-saving solutions that also bring more comfort to the total living environment. This is done with our innovative energy reduction, consumption, and production methods. Every day we look to deliver our customers additional choices, more control, along with a smarter way to consume and produce their energy.

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